Why Boutique?


Why should I choose a Boutique over my normal GYM?
The boutique market is taking NewYork and London by storm with Soul Cycle and Barrys Bootcamp hitting
“The Big Smoke” Now its time for Sheffield to take the lead in the world of Boutique.
TRIB3 is growing its portfolio with further franchises planned for the UK and entry into the European market. TRIB3 plans to open 15 franchises in the UK, with sites in Leeds and Manchester opening in the next few months. It is also in advanced talks with a private equity firm as it looks to raise capital and open its concept in Spain and Russia. The expansion into Europe is planned to begin with Spain’s Barcelona and Madrid in the second quarter of 2017, with St Petersburg and Moscow, in Russia, expected to follow shortly after.
“TRIB3 has proved to be a phenomenal success since our launch at the beginning of 2016 and it is a success that simply seems to keep on growing,” said Yates. “With over 15 franchisees already signed up to take a TRIB3 our main goal is to secure properties but with David Cross’s property experience and his CODA team behind us, we are well placed as a business to support our operating goal.
“The most exciting development at the moment, however, has to be our European expansion and to take that forward we have appointed Rod Hill as MD of Europe to specifically spearhead that growth.”
The High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) workout is based around treadmills (cardio), resistance (weights) and intensity (heart rate). Sessions can burn up to 1,000 calories, with members able to track progress through TRIB3’s digital partner MyZone.
Yates added: “The reason for our successful growth is that we are offering clients an experience they will never forget our whole strategy is based around individual programmed experiences that will provide something far beyond anything you would find in other gyms.”
So what’s so special? Yates comments:
I love the word retention! What does this actually mean to your business and how you service members. Our industry is so set on getting technology to tell them how well they are doing and spending thousands on platforms instead of focusing on people and products. If you spent half as much time investing in your people and the programs they have to deliver you would not need any operating systems to tell you how well you are operating.
Your clubs would be bursting and your usage would be off the chart. Then you hire someone as head of retention! Why! What are they looking at, these are just bean counters reporting back what you already know that your customers are disengaged due to lack of service and interaction.
Warren Buffett has just invested hugely in wearable technology so I suggest you do the same for your business. Myzone is our choice and perfect for the customers we work with and offers unbelievable feedback and customer engagement.
You need to be creating a service and programs that your customers feel part of and you need to be so much better than the rest. My old CEO and friend Richard used to always say to me ”what makes you different, better, and special” I use this all the time as it guides our model and makes us unique in every operating way, from our people, to our processes we will always be one step ahead.
Our people feel empowered to make choices on behalf of our business and we would never question a decision they make if they believed it had the best interest of TRIB3 at heart. Invest in your people, invest in your programs. Retention does not even come into our vocabulary it’s a given.
We are a retail store not a gym. We offer the customer an experience they will never forget on each and every visit. If we don’t, they will not return. Just like a restaurant that delivers bad service or food. We do not get a second chance so have to be amazing from start to finish. Our whole strategy is around individual experiences from the moment you enter through the designed staircase sprayed regularly with citrus, to the welcome smile from our concierge team. You are then presented with a bath towel specially cut to be larger than a normal robe and sprayed with fresh lavender oil. You are then shown to the changing room we have over sized lockers for all your needs with internal phone charging stations and all the required cosmetics and hair products needed after your session – our customer has not even started their workout and they have had numerous experiences that you do not get in small or large gyms.
There’s plenty of space for a new and better way to service the consumer in the £4bn UK fitness industry – for a number of reasons, 50% to 60% of UK gym goers cancel their membership each year. “The average millennial doesn’t want to sign a contract they just want to go to a club.” that’s especially true in London, which has a particularly young and itinerant population.  My challenge was to bring the vibrancy of London to the amazing people of Sheffield. So, when we opened our doors for the first time in January 2016 we offered high-intensity group exercise classes on a pay-per-visit basis, with no contract and no hidden fees.
The workouts are accompanied by pumping music, events & themes, which have now become legendary and a serious sweat is the key to this all pumping session.
A similar principle has already proved popular in the US, where Barry’s Bootcamp, SoulCycle and Orangetheory Fitness have had success. All three have taken steps to offer their classes to gym-goers in the UK and other countries, but let me stress that TRIB3 sets itself apart from all the competition, with many now copying how we run programs, events and social community based content.
The target audience is anyone who wants to get truly fit in a personal group experience environment; you only have to look over our social media to see the feedback we receive and how we care about our community. We want our community to have fun and be engaged with the brand and people while being entertained at the same time. If you attend a gym and are still being ignored by that personal trainer or reception team then you MUST come to TRIB3 and give us a go!



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