What To Eat Before Workouts


”Should I eat before a workout?”

”What is good to eat before a workout ?”

”Should I eat carbs ?”

”I don’t want to feel sick”

There is many myths around what to eat and if its good to eat before a workout . So lets all get on the same page! YES YOU SHOULD EAT BEFORE A WORKOUT! WHY ? Because it is extremely important to fuel your body before high intensity training . A combination of carbs (they are your best friend before exercise ) and protein is key to getting the most out of your workout , nutrients are also very important to help repair muscles. Give yourself 45 mins – one hour to eat before you train so you are able to digest.


Bananas ..WHAT.. A ..FRUIT!  Full of fast acting carbohydrates to fuel your body ready for some intense exercise! There high content of  potassium also aids nerve and muscle function.


Caffeine ..where do we start! You won’t get a bigger energy burst than drinking a cup of coffee/ energy drink/ pre workout before a workout. Studies show that consumption of caffeine boosts pain tolerance , improves mood , helps burn fat and sharpens focus.  Make sure you get your caffeine boosts 1 – 2 hours before training as study show that caffeine  levels in your bloodstream 60 – 90 mins after consumption.


Oats are the workout friend who will never let you down, they stick with you throughout your workout and release energy steadily and slowly. Oats are full of fibre which means they release carbohydrates slowly into the bloodstream , this slow release keeps energy levels consistent during a workout.The perfect amount is one cup before a workout , why not top with banana slices for some extra energy.


If you are struggling for time to prepare a pre workout snack , grab a handful of dried fruit. The simple carbs will provide instant energy without making you feel heavy.


A slice of whole grain toast is a perfect pre workout snack why not top with honey and banana or peanut butter and blueberries. Incredibly tasty and perfect to fuel your body.

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