Tribal Gathering – No1 Fitness Event In The Calendar

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Every second Thursday evening of the Month there is an electric buzz around the studio.  The fridges have been stocked with prosecco, the DJ is setting up his decks …passers by walking along Ecclesall would mistake us for a nightclub .. but everyone who attends TRIB3 knows better … its Thursday evening its  TRIBAL GATHERING.
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Tribal gathering is the NO1 fitness event in the calendar. We like to treat our clients once a month to a special night of fitness, we have chilled prosecco waiting for them at the mixology bar , we have an in house DJ producing  the coolest music for the classes , our trainers are the most qualified in the North delivering world class sessions. The classes are so exclusive we always have a waiting list.
To make sure you don’t miss out on our next tribal gathering event make sure you check your email for your exclusive invite , start your thirsty Thursday the correct way!
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