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If you haven't seen our AMAZING write up in the The Guardian newspaper then fear not...just take a look below: 

'Exercise classes are already replacing a night out for some. I spent a recent Thursday evening in TRIB3, a boutique gym in Sheffield, pounding a treadmill. Around me, a packed, mostly female group tackles a 35-minute HIIT (high-intensity interval training) class. This isn’t a regular class. A DJ in a baseball cap plays dancehall classics while disco lights rotate around the room. My heart-rate monitor compares my progress to the rest of the class. As I blink sweat out of my eyes and my vision blurs, I glance up to see that my heart rate is at 92%. Usually when I feel dizzy in a darkened room with pounding music, I’m in a nightclub. But why bother when you can have the same experience in a half-hour workout, and it is good for you?

After class, there are waiting glasses of prosecco in the bar. For 38-year-old Vicky Sampson, party workouts such as these are a way to have all the fun but none of the guilt of a drinking session. “You don’t have a hangover the next day, and it’s better for you than going to the pub. Especially how Trib3 does it. It feels more like you’re in a disco.”

Another class member, 27-year-old dentist Rihanna Fulford, says: “Three years ago, if you’d told me, ‘You’ll make loads of friends at the gym,’ I’d have laughed at you.” Now, Fulford says, she is a convert, regularly taking back-to-back HIIT classes. She is endearingly self-aware about her conversion. “I used to laugh at people in gyms,” she admits. Now she exercises nine times a week and is going to a spa next weekend with a friend from the gym. “I even came here on Boxing Day in a Santa outfit, still drunk with half a bottle of Baileys in me,” she says. “It was wonderful.”'

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