Trib3 Success Stories – Rhianna Fulford


I was a semi-regular gym goer but was floundering in a plateau of boredom and repetition. I absolutely loathed any form of cardio and nothing in the world could induce me to get out and get my heartbeat up. I usually snuck into the gym, found the quietest corner, and slowly worked away before skulking out again.
Trib3 has changed all of this. Everything about this place makes you eager to return: the super trainers, the beautiful facilities, the quality equipment and the atmosphere of working out with a bunch of likeminded folks of all shapes and sizes. Never before have I done an intense HIIT session in full fancy dress (for Halloween), have I spoken to and met so many new friends whilst training, or felt so good about exercising. If you’d have told me a year ago that I’d be at a fitness club’s Christmas do I’d have probably laughed: here I was this year smiling, sweating, and singing along (a fair few cheeky mince pies were had afterwards).
Trib3 has helped me to invest in my physical and mental health and has fostered an environment where I can actually enjoy training.

Thanks a bunch!


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