Trib3 Myths – As Tough As You Want It To Be


When I speak to friends, random shop assistants , the lovely lady in my local sandwich shop I always get asked if I’m going to the gym ( I wear active wear ALOT ) when I reply that I attend the TRIB3 classes there responses are as follows …

” Don’t you have to be really fit?! ”

”Isn’t it really hard?!”

                                                                                              My answer simply is …


What is so awesome about the TRIB3 concept is that you can make each workout as hard as you want it to be.

All our trainers will give you options for each exercise, on the treadmill there will be a beginner, intermediate and an advanced speed which you work from. We have clients who range in all different abilities, some like to do a hill walk others will sprint on 12mph ..its totally up to you and we wont judge – the fact you have come out of your comfort zone and joined the TRIB3 in our eyes means your a superhero.

The same applies to the resistance zone , when I did my first TRIB3 class the 5kg dumbells were so heavy my arms were like jelly but looking around the studio I wasn’t alone , a couple of months on my arms are stronger than ever and I have increased the weight.

Of course when you workout there will be pain and you will sweat but that’s what its all about ! What makes TRIB3 so special is that we are a community and…… WE HURT AS ONE!

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