Top 5 Beauty Tips For Spring Skin


Spring has arrived ! Daffodils are blooming, jumpers are being packed away and the summer wardrobe is making an appearance.  For a lot of us we tend to have a spring clean of our homes and wardrobes but have you ever thought about your skin care routine ? Our skin needs lots of love and when the elements change so does our skin. For example in  winter we tend to use a heavier motisturier as the cold air dries our skin out. Now Spring is here its time to give your beauty routine a spring clean!


Jump in the shower and get exfoliating. Exfoliating helps to get rid of dry dead skin cells which have built up over the winter months revealing an instant healthier glow to your skin. Just be careful not to scrub to hard and use a scrub which is gentle to the skin –  limit to once a week.


Spring is a great time to let your skin breathe why not try swapping your foundation for a lighter BB cream.  We tend to sweat more with the warmer days which can clog our pores up and cause breakouts so lighten up on the make up and embrace a fresh face.


Yes make up and skin care does go out of date which can cause skin reactions and bacterial infections. Masacra should be binned after three months , eye liner and eye make up tend to have an expiry date of six months and foundation, skin lotions and lipsticks have a shelf life of 1 year. Expiry dates are a great excuse to have a make up purge.


Make up brushes are the perfect place for bacteria breeding grounds. If you use make up brushes every day you should be washing them every week , yes this won’t be on the top of your to do list but what would you prefer ..clean  make up brushes and clear skin or a break out? It only takes 5 mins and you don’t need a fancy cleaner just some soap and hair dryer does the trick!


Your skin is made up of 64 % water so it makes sense that being hydrated is number 1 to achievening  glowy ,blemish free skin. When we are dehydrated our skin becomes dry it also lacks a visible radiance. Dehydrated skin may also have an increased risk in developing visible wrinkles! Aim to drink 2 litres of a water a day and your skin will be thanking you !!



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