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I was born prematurely at 28 weeks with my twin brother Tom, due to a condition called ‘Twin-to-twin Transfusion”.
I was born with blood clots on both my legs, leading to the amputation of my lower left leg. My right leg was left with no main artery, and circulation is limited. My foot is in a fixed position, and I have no muscle or soft tissue leaving my foot particularly painful just doing day-to-day activities.
I have exhausted surgery having over 20 operations in Great Ormond Street Hospital on both legs.
A permanent solution would be Osseointergration. By removing the bone marrow and inserting a metal implant which stays permanently in the leg, Munjed Al Muderis developed the procedure creating a solution to many amputees who can’t get on with a typical prosthesis.
See his link
To have the surgery I will have to have my right leg amputated too. After surgery I will have to weight bear through both my legs and my right leg is not strong enough to hold my body weight evenly and enable recovery. It doesn’t just affect me physically but also mentally, I will be able to stand up in the shower for the first time, walk without any discomfort and fully enjoy more physical activities, will no longer have sores, neuromas, skin breakdown and overheating, cutting out numerous doctors and hospital visits – this will be life changing.
This surgery is only available in Australia and will cost £90,000. So I have created this just giving page to ask anyone who is willing to please donate and help me raise the money I need for this life changing operation, in turn raising awareness for the NHS to consider in the future. 10% of every donation will go to Great Ormond Street Hospital.
If you would like to support me in fundraising and creating awareness, please SHARE and spread the word! Donations will be hugely appreciated- I can’t express my appreciation enough for your support. Thank you.

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