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Join our Trib3 community ….. here are a few inspirational success stories we want you to hear
My name is Sarah and I joined Trib3 4 months ago .
I was unhappy with my weight after a Christmas holiday and a friend suggested Trib3, as they have a elite programme for weight loss and body changing results .
I’m so glad I signed up, my fitness levels have been boosted and I can’t believe how great my results have been after 12 weeks . I’ve lost 9lbs and my body shape has changed. My waist is 6 cm smaller and my arms and legs have dropped between 2/3 cm. The programme offers nutritional help and food guides with some nice ideas for recipes . I find having 20 sessions a month motivates me to come to the gym and the trainers are full of enthusiasm. I’ve just recently completed steel week and whilst struggling mid week the team pushed me on and I made it 7 in 7 . I feel great so I’ve signed up for another 3 months ,so I can keep seeing those results for my next Christmas holiday.
I’d just like to say thanks guys & girls & keep up the good work .
My name is Debbie Bell.
I am a self confessed ’gym bunny’ and I’m never happier than when I am doing some form of exercise!!!
My Trib3 journey began back in April when strolling up Ecclesall Road I heard music thumping out and a voice shouting ”30 secs hold on until the bell”!!!
I was intrigued!!
So I decided to pop in and have a look!
A warm friendly welcome was quickly followed by a guided tour. Before I knew it I had agreed to return a couple of hours later and try my first class!!
Nothing could have prepared me for what was about to happen!! The music, the lights, the trainer it was an amazing class!!! The feeling at the end of class of exhilaration, exhaustion but overriding sense of achievement was something I hadn’t experienced for years!!!
Once I had recovered I was hungry for more and by the time I arrived home I had already decided I was going back for more!! I was hooked!!
Fast forward to the present day and I have just completed my 100th class and gained my ’Immortal’ vest !!!
Before Trib3 I had been a member of the same gym for over 10 years. My enthusiasm was dwindling and working out never gave me the ’buzz’ I used to get!!
I am revitalized!!!
Trib3 has given me a new lease of life and so much more.
My fitness level has improved massively. My enthusiasm is stronger than I care to remember, you could say I’m addicted!!!
What keeps me coming back ???
– the Elite Trainers who push you to your limits and are so passionate about what they do!!
– the constant challenges that push you beyond limits you could only dream off
– Feeling like you’re part of one big ’Fit family’ and I have made so many friends.
I could go on and on!!
Now I can’t imagine not going to Trib3. The buzz you get from your workout for hours afterwards is fantastic. The adrenaline rush you get from the sound of ”that music” at the start of your workout!!
Best of all the delicious shakes that you have earned are waiting on the bar!!!!
TRIB3 really works for me –Why? It’s high impact, high energy exercise with lots of encouragement, great atmosphere and a thumping playlist. Benefits? Immediate – and building with every week. Core strength, top speed, overall tone all improved, and a big gain in mind-focus (Keep going !! – don’t give up!!) Has it helped me? Yes, definite payoff when I’m out running, sailing, climbing. (but I reckon you’d be glad of it even if you only ever walk about.) Super-cool ambience, very friendly people, no two sessions the same, fantastic themed events. Join in – you’ll be glad you did!
Guy Smith
Tribe got me to finally beat my parkrun PB! I’ve been doing Sheffield Hallam parkrun – a free timed 5k in Endcliffe Park – since 2012 and the last time I set my PB was in March 2014 with a time of 21.32. I started going to Tribe in June this year instead of some of my running workouts and finally beat my 2014 PB at the end of September, setting new PBs two weeks in a row! I’m now on 21.09 so will be looking to break the 21 minute barrier next. I also took nearly 2 minutes off my Sheffield ten10ten time today!
Rich Strafford
Elite member Nicky King shares her inspirational pictures with us…
Well done Nicky …..

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