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ST LUKE’S 28 IN 28! 


St Luke’s 28 sessions in 28 days is back in February 2019! In 2017 the amazing members of TRIB3 raised a HUGE £18,000 for St Luke’s. Next year we want to do more…our target is £20,000! 


28 sessions in 28 days is a big task but this is why we do this to support such a wonderful charity… 

’At St Luke’s we care for people aged 18 and above throughout Sheffield who have terminal illnesses. We aim to control their symptoms, alleviate pain, and give them the best possible quality of life – all free of charge.  Each year, we help around 1,800 patients – some of them come to the hospice but many more are looked after at home by our team of community nurses, who help treat and alleviate pain, support and counsel and in some cases, help patients to die at home, if that’s what they want. Most people want to die at home, and we help to enable that to happen if we can. It’s not just patients that we help either – we extend support, counselling and practical help to family members too.

It costs £9.7 million to deliver the services we do and just 23% of our funding comes from the NHS, meaning that this year we need to raise more than £7.2 million.  It costs £1,111 per hour to run St Luke’s, less than a quarter of that coming from the NHS’.

As you can imagine, St Luke’s has such an incredible impact on the lives of those affected by terminal illnesses and their families. So why not do something you love doing and help others whilest you do it! Join the TRIB3 team, help us hit our £20k goal and help to make a difference! 

Registration is £40, which includes all of your 28 TRIB3 sessions and you need to raise a minimum of £100 to partake. To register, please drop an email to

Lets raise the bar…MORE HURT, MORE PAIN, MORE SWEAT.. all for charity!

Thank you in advance for helping to support such an incredible chairty!!



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