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This week our Spotlight on Elite focuses on Kirsty ….. 
Here she tells us in her own words her passion for Trib3.
So, after having 3 children i decided it was about time to start doing some consistent exercise again. I had a holiday booked in July so when i parked outside trib3 one saturday morning and heard the really loud music and really really loud shouting i was intrigued to learn more.
I’d just started running again with a couple of my friends and told them about this new gym id seen and asked if they fancied going for a free session. One of them agreed but then did some research and backed out on me at the last minute saying it was way too hard and that no way was she fit enough. I called up to cancel her place and spoke to Leigh who convinced me i should still attend despite my friend backing out!
I booked my first session with a coach called George, at 12 on a Thursday in June. I did the walk up those stairs all on my own not knowing what id let myself into. However as soon as i walked through the doors i was instantly put at ease by Leigh and was made to feel extremley welcome and that i’d achieved something by just turning up.
I did my first session and as the Blogs on the website say it was awful but i loved it! 45 mins and i was dripping with sweat and I’m sure my speed never passed a 6 on the treadmill! I bought 10 sessions before i left and spoke to all my friends in the playground later that day. I told them it was the most intense exercise class id ever done but i’d enjoyed it so much that they should join!
Ive still not managed to convince them yet though!
I did a few more sessions and realised that this was exactly the type of exercise class i wanted to do. Every session i did was different and i started pushing my speeds on the treadmill a little each time. I saw an advertisement about the Elite programme and spoke to Leigh who explained it was 20 classes, dietary support, measurements, weekly e-mails and as much support to keep onit as i needed. I joined and i can honestly say i’ve not looked back! I feel great! Ok so i aint no size 6 (yet) but i have dropped 2 dress sizes, l feel so much fitter, more energetic, healthier and happier! I feel part of a team who when i’m not motivated can get my ass back in to training.
Everyone I’ve met at trib3 who works there or is just waiting to go in to the classes are so happy, positive and approachable for dietary advice, motivation or even just a chat I think we can all say we feel part of a team even if we’ve never met before. Being part of the elite team gives even more of a feeling of being part of a team who’s crazy enough to want to try and achieve 20 sessions a month, our whats-app messages of food images and empty wine glasses show a little cheating now and again is what keeps us sane though.
I’m now entering my 6th month of the elite program and i can honestly say that if it wasn’t for that, there would be no way i’d be in the 8.15 class on a Sunday morning. I’d be in the kitchen drinking coffee and eating bacon butties instead of having a shake and trying to walk down the stairs to get in the car.
Trib3 for me is a way of keeping myself fit and healthy yes but also the feel good factor after the bell sounds and the light changes to blue is amazing. I’ve done exercise in the past but never been as consistent and motivated as i am now. Trib3 is able to offer challenges to keep me coming back for more. I became a warrior last month so i’m now on the count down to becoming immortal and at some point when i have 7 days consecutive childcare (any volunteers?) i want to do a steel week.
Thanks guys for keeping me onit!

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