Sheffields Next Olympic Hopeful


Previous member of the Trib3 team Hannah has now left us to embark on her Olympic dream . Here she shares her journey…..
I first applied for the Power2Podium Talent ID search in April 2014. UK Sport run identifications programs throughout the year searching for talented athletes who want to try out or transition to a new sport. I was previously a sprinter, however following a knee operation before I came to university my performance was affected, and I found it particularly hard to get myself motivated to stay involved with my sprint training. When I heard about the new talent search which was recruiting for British Skeleton, I instantly put my name down.
The talent search lasted April until November 2014. We had a series of testing days in London and Bath with the ultimate aim being selected to go to Norway as the final selection phase – fortunately I made it through to this phase and was thrilled to be heading out to Norway. In November we headed out to Norway and it was an unbelievable experience getting immersed in the environment of a winter sport athlete – things quickly changed though, on the first day of sliding I took several knocks to my wrist which were pretty painful. That evening, my hand had swollen and was blue, so the next day I took a trip to the hospital and was given the news I had broken my scaphoid. This meant I could no longer slide and had to go home. I was absolutely devastated, but the silver lining was British Skeleton were giving me a second chance. The ’second chance’ involved training with them over the summer for another year, and I would have the opportunity to go to a selection camp again in January 2016.
Earlier this year I headed out to Innsbruck, Austria with a new bunch of athletes for the final selection camp. Fortunately no broken bones, and it was a much nicer track than the one in Norway! Following the camp, we awaited to hear if we had been selected to join the Great Britain Skeleton squad and luckily enough I had impressed the coaches enough to get selected. I was extremely happy and thrilled to be selected as being an Olympic athlete has been a dream of mine since I was little. I’m so thankful I’ve had the opportunity to transition from a sport where my dream would not come true, to one where I will get trained by the best coaches in one the most successful sports in Great Britain.
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What this means for me now is that I have monthly training camps in Bath May – September, then we will go out on our first season to various places in Europe and progress our sliding and pushing skills. Currently, I train 6 days a week which consists of lifting sessions in the gym, sprints at the track, conditioning sessions on the bike and various mobility/recovery sessions. Recovery and nutrition is key for me to ensure I’m fuelled for my training sessions, especially when I have two sessions a day. It is a lifestyle choice I have had to commit too, whilst also studying to a MSc in Sport Science at Sheffield Hallam. But I wouldn’t change it for the world as I enjoy the training and the challenge of learning a new sport.
I have also incorporated trib3 sessions into my workouts before I head down to Bath to start this seasons training. They have been great for making me feel fitter, and more mobile following a winter of big lifting sessions. And obviously the shakes from the mixology bar are a great way to refuel me – I definitely recommend a Breakfast shake after a morning workout and a Choc PB after the evening sessions. The new Pineapple Power one though is amazing and definitely a must have after an evening session in the summer!

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