Sheffield Talent – Introducing Chanel Yates


Chanel Yates is a 17-year-old acoustic singer/songwriter from the city of Sheffield. Here in her own words she tells her inspiring story of how she became the young girl who hardly ever spoke to headlining one of Sheffield’s top venues for music.
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Once a child social casualty who grew up with 4 different sides of a family in 2 undeniably different homes which has resulted in my becoming of who I am today.
My journey through the music scene all started back in 2012 when I woke up one Christmas morning to a saxophone under the tree and since then, wanted nothing more than to be an accomplished musician. Back in secondary school around 2014 my best friend at the time started playing the guitar (her dad was a musician in a band and owned a guitar shop) and of course I got a little jealous of that fact so I went out to my local music store and purchased my first guitar. It was way too big for me to even hold but it was £100 so I got it and brought it home.
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A week later I called up my friend, 2 hours into the conversation we decided upon forming a band, she came over to my house and we wrote our first song together ‘Incomplete’ which was built upon 3 simple chords, (no barre chords, they seemed impossible at the time). We kept it a secret from everyone for a long time, I still have no idea why but it worked well for a while.
But then I had this crazy idea of wanting to become a singer/songwriter bare in mind I had written only one song and had never opened my mouth to sing in front of anyone in my entire life, so when I told my parents my ambition it’s no wonder all I got was a laugh.
My first singing lesson was back in 2014 at Yellow Arch Studios in Sheffield. I was the most awkward person you could ever possibly imagine and I somehow was surprised when the first thing my vocal coach said to me was “sing”. And that was probable THE moment that changed the course of my entire future. Yeah, I was rusty and didn’t hit all of the notes but a wave of confidence hit me which I had never experienced before which led to the most terrifying part…singing in front of my parents, it had to be done at some point and with a little push I finally did it, something that seemed impossible 2 years ago was an actual reality. So what now?
A gig. My first gig was the most nerve-wracking thing I had ever done. Reason being, not only did I have to sing to a full audience of around 100 people, but it was at school! And I was performing something I wrote about one of my best friends and his crush, embarrassing I know…but it gets worse, they were both sat front row together! All the issues aside I won the talent competition and got offered to play at the Long Division festival in Wakefield which offered me some studio time to record a couple of songs of my choice. Which led me to my first studio experience.
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From then to now I have managed to write over 200 original songs and gig at some of the most incredible music venues around Sheffield such as Plug, O2 academy, Leadmill, Rocking chair and many more. I have also had the opportunity to perform in competitions such as the Open Mic UK and Teenstar in which I made it to the grand final. I have also played places like the NEC in Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds, throughout Yorkshire, London and even taken my music to the streets in the City centre.
I have recently made it through to the final in the UK songwriting competition associated with Future Music, which allows me to perform an original song in front of a judging panel of industry professionals. The final will be held in London where one contestant will be crowned winner and follow in the footsteps of Lucy Spraggan, Birdie, Luke Friend and many more who have taken part in the competition and I’m super excited to be involved!
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I will be back headlining Plug this Friday October 14th bringing something completely new and exciting to the stage. You won’t want to miss this one – Tickets are available from this link:—14th-october—plug-sheffield/10822241
You can find me online pretty much anywhere all you have to do is Google ‘Chanel Yates’ but here are a few of my social media links to make it easier for you to keep up to date with everything I’m doing.

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