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 When your start training for a half marathon the big day always seems so far away. Long runs throughout the winter running through the dark and wet is never fun. However we are now on the LAST week ..the end is in sight !! The many runs to the top of norfolk arms are over ! Here a few tips on how to treat your final week of training .


The final week is so important – all the hard work comes down to this week – look after your body and yourself.

  • Sleep and rest – its so important to protect the immune system , try and catch a few early nights this week. Late nights will ruin race day as the body will feel weak.


  • Avoid heavy gym work you don’t want to tire your body out.


  • Reflect – remember the positives from your training. Think about your best training runs and reflect on how far you have come since you started  training.


  • Plan your travel on race day , find out what road closures there is – the last thing you want is getting yourself worked up being stuck in race day traffic.


  • In terms of fuelling your body , this is where many people go wrong. Don’t change your diet to much – with the gradual decrease in training but still maintaining a similar diet you are actually having a natural carb load. The night before race day don’t stuff yourself silly , this will only leave you feeling sluggish the next day.


  • The night before race day pack your bag so your prepared for this morning and are able to focus solely on the race. Don’t forget pins for your race number!!!


  • Snack on small meals and keep hydrated ,  make your last meal at around 6pm – 7pm choose something which is easy to digest.


  • Get an early night – if you feel restless don’t worry this is normal just stay in bed and relax.


  • Wake up early – you don’t want to be rushing around and stressing. Take a shower , allow yourself to relax and wake up .


  • Eat your race day breakfast 1.5 – 2 hours before the start time.


  • Sip on water do not take on more than what you are used to – you don’t need it.


  • Remember how far you have come – take a moment of reflection.


  • Last but no least -ENJOY !


The Trib3 team will be on eccy road cheering you all on !! 

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