Rise Of Wearable Tech


If your club, studio or boutique is not tracking you, then how can they improve you??????
Or are they driving unaided?
With such a rise is wearable technology its essential the club where you workout gives you as much data as you want. At TRIB3 we are all for the psychology of you loving how you feel and how you achieve your goals but with wearable technology growing at an unprecedented rate. Insight has now updated its outlook on the future of wearable tech, indicating that 411 million smart wearable devices, worth a staggering $34 billion, will be sold in 2020.
The industry will hit $14 billion this year, with wrist-based devices – such as smartwatches and fitness trackers – continuing to dominate.
The AR and VR market will be worth $14.5 billion by 2016, a 15 fold increase on the current situation. and 5 million VR Headsets were bought by early adopters last year, mainly in the low end mobile VR market populated with Google Cardboard compatible devices and Samsung’s Gear VR range. Predictions are that 96 million VR headsets will be shipped in 2020, with the likes of Oculus Rift, PlayStation VR and the HTC Vive expected to dominate so we are looking forward to some VR workouts in the future.
Park runs in the UK is a super concept which gives you a time and PBs along with a breakdown of your position and its all FREE, but again the run is successful because of the instant feedback you receive from getting out of bed on a Saturday morning and hitting the park. I know this would not work if you did not get any results and you had nothing to attain from attending again if after the workout you just went home.
So I pose the question that if the market is showing such a substantial growth, how come the fitness industry is so behind the curve and how slow they are to catch up? Do they really care about helping you achieve your aspirational goals or are they just blind to the technology world. Most clubs and Boutiques don’t offer you anything and its not uncommon for clubs to never push technology as a Personal tracking aid.
The MZ-3 has pushed me from the outset when the owner Dave Wright showed me the early creation in Grantham. It has consistently challenged me to work harder to achieve my personal goals even when I would have rather stayed on the sofa. If you are of a competitive nature then this device not only plays to it but also draws you in to the never-ending cycle of increased effort to grab those MEPs and reach your fitness goals. You can compete against friends and even have your own club tables where you can reward and recognise people who use the device.
If you’re looking for a device which tracks your activity throughout the day and the effort you are actually putting in then this is the only tracking device you will ever need. You can partner it with a smartwatch (such as an Android Wear model) in order to enjoy the additional activity tracking benefits. It’s fair to say that the goals of the MyZone in comparison to other fitness wearables are simple and fantastically effective: to challenge you to continually improve your effort and – as a result – enjoy the benefits of being fitter. If you’re serious about getting fit then the MZ-3 is must-have and if you are training at a club that does not offer you a technology solution then ask a simple question? Does my club really understanding everyone’s potential or are they just making it up as they go along.
TRIB3 offers you some massive discounts to get you using a tracking device so ask in store and we can give you the TRIB3 special code to get you started.
Written by Kevin Yates

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