Power Up Your Playlist


So why do we feel like we’ve had a better workout when we’ve exercised to our favourite tracks ?
Music makes HIIT training psychologically enjoyable and can almost dull the pain and make you less tired & boost your mood.
Music is a dispelling distraction says Dr. Costas Karageorghis, a professor in sport psychology at Brunel University London, “One of the most important findings from our body of research is that a well-selected playlist can modulate how you feel even at relatively high exercise intensities,” Karageorghis says. “This means that at intensities at which people are likely to derive significant cardio-respiratory benefits, music has the power to help them deal with the characteristic discomfort associated with working hard.”
listening to music while working out basically distracts you . When you are excersing at a slow to moderate pace you start to slow down or daydream .
Create different playlists this can help you achieve your goals! “ marry your playlist with the nature of your workout and the mental state that you wish to achieve,”  fast, rhythmical, bass-driven music to psych yourself up before a HIIT session, for example….
As the winter months are setting in get your playlist ready , it could prove to be a real boost and will encourage you to venture out for a run or a workout even when its dark in a morning , wet , cold & dark in the evening …..
We hear Music in bars and restaurants, weddings and parties it increases everyone’s enjoyment of the event!
So why not use it to to help boost your exercise regime ?  Better results can be achieved without YOU having to  increase the amount of time you work out. Surely then it’s definitely time to pump up the volume…

  • Music can help reduce pain and ease depression.
  • Music decreases pain
  • Music may aid memory loss
  • Improves sleep quality
  • Music makes you happier
  • Feeds your brain
  • Music decreases systolic and diastolic blood pressure

Interestingly there are now national events taking place that are centred around music and fitness one being
” Run to the beat ”
Over the past 8 years the event has seen over 100,000 athletes combine their passion for music and running, supported by incredible acts such as Calvin Harris, Jessie J & Sigma. So the emphasise on combining music with working out couldn’t be greater ….

So there’s no doubt that music has a profound effect on how you exercise and ultimately how you’re feeling while you’re exercising.


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