Negative Impact Of Social Media On Fitness




Social media…. where do we begin? Practically everyone uses social media in some form .. ” 9 out of 10 young adults (18-29)  and 1 in 3 pensioners are using social media ”  
Social media platforms are great to find inspiration and connect with like minded people who are into the same interests as yourself , it can also be very easy to get sucked in to much and become highly addicted to social media which can lead to people comparing themselves daily and feeling low in confidence.

Lets have a look at how social media can be a force of good and bad 

Social media provides an endless stream of information and gives you access to like minded people. Logging into facebook and seeing updates from fellow runners, gym buddies etc can inspire you to train / run harder. Social media can also give you links and information on sporting events you may of never heard of. Social media is also a great platform to find healthy recipes.
Another great way social media can motivate you is the way social media can link to technology that tracks your health and fitness ( Myzone, MyFitnessPal, MapMyRun) By publishing your results onto social media you can in fact inspire others – A article published by CNN quotes that ” social features on fitness devices play three roles ; They motivate people; the various interactions act as triggers for action ; and sharing information and tips increase ability”
As well as connecting people together and inspiring you to workout  social media provides accountability . A quick post on social media can generate all kinds of encournagement and support.
But with positives come negatives. Social media is very graphic heavy with flexing biceps and abs which can lead to comparing yourself every day which isn’t healthy and very easy to fall into a comparison trap. Always remind yourself that you are not them and you are working out for yourself and your own goals. Why not follow people on Instagram who follow similar fitness goals to yourself and who tell a truly awesome story.
Social media is great tool for information , however be wary of misinformation. Consider which sources you are reading , are they coming from certified professionals ?
Social media will always have pros and cons but just remember why you are working out in the first place and why you started your fitness journey. For inspiration follow your gym buddies and idols who have been on a similar fitness journey as yourself and just remember not to believe everything you read on the internet 🙂

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