So a little bit about Kangers (I’m not really known as ‘Sarah’!) After working in banking and finance for almost 5 years as a Mortgage and Protection advisor I decided to leave the well known high street bank I worked at to take up a role still as an advisor but in an estate agents! After 3 months I found myself already to be made redundant (last in first out!)

In a time of anger and upset I let my frustrations out in the gym. I began to go to loads more fitness classes and could see the weight dropping off (just over 2 stone in total!) I decided my next move would be to work for myself and it would involve doing something for ME. Something which didn’t even feel like a job because I enjoy it... 

so here I am at TRIB3

I’ve been doing this properly since the start of the year and it’s gone from great to AMAZING! I’ve picked up lots of classes across both the Meadowhall and Ecclesall Road sites.

I stand out because I’m a bit crazy and I’ve always got some jokes to tell! I like to keep workouts fun and enjoyable! No workout should feel like a chore!

I always believe to practice what I preach so you’ll find me either teaching in the studio or taking part  in my fellow TRIB3 trainers classes when I can.

“The only bad workout is the one you didn’t do”

See you all SOON down at TRIB3! Have a look on the timetable for where I am and let’s get sweaty!

Find your TRIB3 today for a complimentary session!

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