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I have always loved playing sport and being active. Football, rugby, badminton, it did not matter. I always strived to be the fittest player at every club I played for and this was where my competitive edge began.
Throughout my sporting years my training was all about training to improve on the field performance and consisted of Olympic lifting and strength work. I played for the Sheffield Eagles RLFC for several years and in my first team debut I split my eyebrow open. The French doctor did a great job of putting me back together, I am sure most of you haven’t even noticed the scar haha!
Following a shoulder op, I decided to walk away from rugby and that it was time for a new direction, embarking on a new journey at Be X Fitness.
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I built LS Conditioning, which was the biggest learning curve to date. This was the first time that I felt, I LOVE MY JOB! I didn’t mind early starts and looked forward to getting into work each day. Although I never envisioned a career in the fitness industry, I was so excited about the prospect ahead, growing more and more passionate about it each day. Throughout my time as a PT and coach, I was fortunate to have worked with some incredible people!
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Along with this change in direction, my training also had to change and it became about all around fitness and wellbeing. I got a taste for Bootcamp sessions in London at Barry’s Bootcamp and I was instantly sold. The music, the lighting and insane coaches with attitude and personality unrivalled by day to day fitness instructors… They were the best of the best and pushed you to your limits and beyond.
This is something I JUST HAD to the involved with. We now have the TRIB3 ethos in Sheffield.
The best coaches in the North, the best lighting and music, No1 workout all coming to create the No1 fitness experience in the North!!! There is no feeling that compares to the buzz of teaching a packed out class on a Tribal Gathering night with Live DJ…
This is just the start of my journey, I have the desire and drive to be the BEST, and cannot wait to change the fitness game along with the TRIB3 Team…

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