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Jordan Darwin – The Hardest Workout in the North – bar none!
You might have heard some rumours around the mixology bar about my TRIB3 sessions. Some say they are brutal, nauseating and just plain evil. Unfortunately for you guys the rumours are all true!
There is nothing I love more than pushing my TRIB3 trainees to their absolute limit and then taking them 1 step further.
I know this all sounds ghastly, but there is method in my madness (honestly). Each session has a goal in mind whether it is speed, strength or endurance and I promise you will walk out of the studio feeling like you have achieved something amazing after each workout.


A little bit of something about me.
My first serious foray into training and sport was at 13 when I joined my schools Rugby team and I haven’t looked back since.  I really took to Rugby and in particular Union, serving my apprenticeship in clubs across South Yorkshire picking up representational honours along the way.
Unfortunately, after multiple injuries I had to hang up my boots and someone suggested i give Rowing a try. For me there is no better competition than racing side-by-side against someone and giving absolutely everything to beat them. I think rowing is where my evil side came from as the only feeling that comes close to a flat out 2000m row is running at 12mph at a 4% incline on a TRIB3 treadmill. Take a second and imagine just how awful that would be!
My own training is about to change direction once again as I’m heading down the multi-sport endurance route. I have already set my goals for the end of this and the start of next year. One of them being the Sheffield Half Marathon; I’d love to get a team together from TRIB3 so if you’re interested in taking part let me know.
And finally, if I can ever answer any of your questions regarding nutrition or training please feel free to ask away at the end of a workout; when you eventually catch your breath!
Written by Jordan Darwin

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