Love The Food We Eat


From getting vegetables hidden in pasta sauces when we were children, to ordering the vegetable side in substitution for fries at a restaurant today, (even though we know we really want the fries), we don’t really know why we make the choices we do and why we struggle to eat foods we know are good for us.
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Studies have found that we rely on the memory of how much we enjoyed food when we ate them previously. Therefore, shaping food choice could be the start of increasing enjoyment and liking of healthier foods! By making food more exciting and moving away from the same old meals, views of food we know we need to eat for health and not enjoyment could very easily be changed.
In some of my own research I have found that the lack of knowledge about nutritional value of foods and also influence food choice. It is believed that individuals who have in fact been educated about the health benefits of having a more desirable dietary intake (i.e. consuming a larger amount of fruits and vegetables) are more likely to actually follow through with the more desirable diet then those who have not been educated.
Personally, I have found that if you just learn to love your food, and don’t force yourself to eat something that you really don’t like (for me its courgettes, YUK) then food choice will be a second nature to you. Don’t be afraid to try new things, experiment with food, and go for something you wouldn’t normally try on a menu – and if you don’t enjoy it at least you now know!
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Sam Brown
Suggested good read – ‘ First Bite – How We Learn To Eat’, Bee Wilson.

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