Earth Day


Today I thought I’d write something very simple, but important. I’m not saying that I’m a saint, but I think I do my bit when it comes to making small, kind decisions that can have quite a big impact. These things are so easy and even if every person just takes one into consideration, the world will be a happier place. So, here are the little things that I try and do to lower my carbon-footprint and be a (semi) good citizen on little old earth. Here we go.
1. RECYCLE. It goes without saying that recycling as much as you can is something that needs to be done. People who don’t recycle do irritate me a little, I admit, because it’s kind of mean to our poor planet. I DO sound like a tree-hugger (…I am a tree-hugger) but please, just have a couple of separate bins and take 0.5 seconds to separate your rubbish. Recycling isn’t enough because big companies produce so much packaging, etc, but this is the least we can do to respect Earth.
2. DON’T WASTE WATER. Again, obvious. I promise the rest will be a little more interesting, but by trying not to waste water we are immediately being much kinder. I love a good bath, just don’t go OTT. I just have a quick shower most of the time. It’s the little things, like turning the tap off whilst you brush your teeth – my boyfriend still hasn’t grasped this, the devil. But yes, try and be gentle with how much water you use! Who needs to shower every day anyway? Not me. Gross? Yes.
3. AVOID MICROBEADS. There is a Government process right now that is looking into banning microbeads altogether because they’re terrible and unnecessary. If you don’t know what they are, they’re those little plastic beads that are in many body and face scrubs. We don’t need them because they benefit the skin in no way – natural sugar scrubs are so much more effective! BUT still companies seem to think they are appealing. Basically, when we wash these beads down the drain as we use them, they eventually travel to the sea, cute sea-creatures eat them and then they die. This is a HUGE problem that is hardly talked about, so spread awareness and if you have any cosmetics with microbeads in, don’t use them, I beg. Some TINY microbeads are even in toothpaste! SIGN THE PETITION HERE:
4. AVOID PALM OIL. Let me rant, real quick. The palm oil crisis is HUGE. The extraction of palm oil means rainforests are destroyed – along with the wildlife it inhabits. ’SAY NO TO PALM OIL’ says: ”Orangutans are gentle and intelligent animals, among humankind’s closest kin. Yet they could become extinct in our lifetime, with only 60,600 wild individuals left.” That’s sad if you ask me. Not many people are aware of how to help, and even I didn’t know until recently that Starbucks plays a massive part in the crisis by using unsustainable oil, so (sadly but happily) I won’t be going there again. Unsustainable palm oil makes up more than 20% of instant noodles. I love pot noodles, but no! It’s promoted badly in PEPSI, COLGATE, JOHNSON&JOHNSON, MAC, MCDONALDS, SOY MILK, etc. Tropical Rainforests in South East Asia are being murdered in order to install Palm Oil Plantations, which is terrible. What can you do? Palm oil is promoted negatively by SO many companies, so it’s hard to avoid it completely BUT it’s quite easy to find products that are more friendly. All you can do, is do your research on what to avoid, and look for this symbol when you go shopping so that you can make guilt-free choices, and eventually try and avoid palm oil altogether. LUCKILY NUTELLA IS 100% SUSTAINABLE-CERTIFIED, YAY.
5. USE CRUELTY-FREE. So many products are tested on animals, even cleaning products like antibacterial wipes. I have been learning about cruelty-free makeup/animal-tested makeup for a while, so I’ve grown to be good at picking things up and knowing that they’re kind, but on the other hand, when it comes to kitchen essentials, etc, I have only recently found cruelty-free options that I have started to use. I hate to be a preacher, but there’s no excuse for using products that test on animals when there are so many high end and low end options – Sainsbury’s own brand is cruelty free so you can get amazing face moisturiser for 2 pounds! Crazy. Look for the bunny symbol. Also, even I sometimes slip up, so if you see me using something that has hidden small print in it’s cruelty-statement, please tell me!
6. MEAT. I’m veggie n again, I hate to be a preacher ESPECIALLY when I’m not vegan, but eating meat is so, so cruel. I am removing dairy/eggs bit by bit, too. If you want to eat meat (I used to love meat) I get it, but maybe try watching a documentary like COWSPIRACY and I guarantee you’ll cry when you see the unexplainable pain and torture that these poor animals go through. It can be hard at first, but there are so many amazing veggie meals and some of the world’s best athletes/body builders are vegan!
7. SMALL ACTS OF KINDNESS. This goes without saying, but I always try my best to be kind and be an open ear when somebody is sad or needs a talk. I’m not perfect!! But just giving the homeless man you pass everyday some change, or telling somebody how pretty they look. It’s not hard to support each other and be kind – with the state of the world today, we need kindness more than ever!!!
8. CHARITY SHOPS. This is my favourite of all time. Charity shops have some unreal bargains and they’re an amazing way of avoiding buying directly from stores that support sweatshops! You give a little to charity and there’s some sick stuff to buy. If you’re not into that, just maybe donate your old stuff to charity shops instead of binning it or giving it to people for free who probably don’t really want it!
9. DON’T ALWAYS USE YOUR CAR. This is hard, I know, and overly obvious, but try and walk or cycle sometimes. In the nice weather it’s so refreshing too!
10. APPRECIATE. Cringey as heck, I know, but simply being grateful for every day and being openly appreciative, and understanding that SO many people across the world have NOTHING, is an easy way to give back. Be generous when you can and say thank you always.
I hope you liked this post and maybe learned something tiny. This is honestly something that I care so much about, because nature will be destroyed before we know it if we’re not kind, and nature is too wonderful to destroy, Thank you So much for reading.
Sophie x

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