Christmas Steel Week

steel week

2016 has nearly come to an end and i couldn’t help reflecting about where my fitness has took me this year. At the start of the year i was hiking for days on end in the deep jungles of the Philippines to pushing my body free diving to depths of 10 meters in the oceans of Thailand,  just last month i smashed my 10km PB and completed it in 45 minutes.  Being fit and healthy is SOOOOO important to our day to day lives.  For me working out isn’t just about how fast i can run or how much weight i can lift it is also about how exercise can destress you.
I wanted to complete a steel week just before 2016 ends as a celebration of my body for being AMAZING,  STRONG and NOT LETTING ME DOWN.
I would love everyone to  join me on this steel week. Lets end 2016 together as a family …as a TRIB3!!!
These are the classes i will be participating in …
Monday 12th – 9:45am
Tuesday 13th – 5:30 pm
Wednesday 14th – 9:45 am
Thursday 15th -9:45am
Friday – 12pm & 1pm
Sunday – 10:15am

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