15 Things You Recognise If You’Re A Health And Fitness Lover


15 Things You Recognise if You’re a Health and Fitness Lover 
1.Activewear takes up a significant part of your wardrobe
2.You plan your other plans around your workout
3.You follow too many famous fitness role models on Instagram
4.People look at you funny when you tell them you actually love working out
5.Post workout shakes become part of your daily calorie count
6.You know rest days are important – but you really want to go and workout again
7.There’s no better feeling than getting your morning workout done
8.Foam rolling – nothing more is needed to be said.
9.Being able to eat more carbs to fuel your workout (exciting)
10.You love experimenting with new ways to make your favourite food that little bit healthier
11.People constantly ask where you get your motivation from
12.You get a little bit sad when your gym buddy works out with someone else
13.Hitting a PB is the very best feeling
14.Walking around the house a few times to hit that 10,000 step count
15.And you love generally just feeling amazing and healthy!

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