10 Things You Know As A Trib3 Member


  • Its a love hate relationship with the trainers .. when your hitting the red zone you want to punch them … after you thank them for kicking your ass!

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  • When you walk into the studio to the warm up track you can’t help but feel nervous and excited at the same time. Its like walking onto a movie set for something like ’The Hunger Games’ or ’Gladiator’. Your palms are sweaty, knees weak, arms are heavy. . . . guess the track 😉


  • Its fair to say our themed event game is strong. Trib3 brings in expert bartenders from one of Sheffield’s best Cocktail Bars on certain events to cater for all your post work-out boozy needs…keep your eyes peeled for our halloween night ..trick or treat.

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  • The ice cold lavender scented towels you receive at the end of each workout are a little slice of heaven.




  • The changing rooms are like your own bathrooms .. dry shampoo , deodorant , hair bobbles , cotton wool. You can leave everything at home and relax we have your backs


  • We love looking after our clients. You support us , we support you.


  • When you have to take a few minutes to decide which shake you would like to order ..SO many delicious flavours.


  • The front of house team love a chat and are always more than happy to help you .


  • Now and again the elite coaches like to REALLY push you …you secretly REALLY enjoy it 😉


  • Every time you have completed a class you leave feeling refreshed , energised and proud to be part of the TRIB3




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