10 Food And Fitness Trends To Look Out For In 2017

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2016 was all about the avocado , courgette spaghetti and cauliflower pizza bases.
2017 is set to be even healthier ! These are the top ten food and fitness trends everyone will be talking about in the year ahead !

Inflammation fighting foods

Fighting inflammation with food instead of medicine is going to be huge this year. Inflammation ingredients such as turmeric and ginger are already trending on Pinterest.  “Turmeric was one of our trending flavours in our recent Pinsights Flavour Report and specifically turmeric lattes. Ginger tea is also a trending search, up 20 percent,” confirms Stephanie Kumar, partner insights lead at Pinterest. Starbucks are already leading the way with a new anti – inflammatory drink called the Chile Mocha made with Cayenne.

Plant protein

Long gone are the days where protein has to come from Animals . Meatless Mondays are now are a tradition in many house holds  and its only the third week of 2017. Millennials are the result of the increase of people going one day a week without meat , they want what’s good for them and are more concerned about personal health , carbon footprint and animal welfare.

If you don’t want to give up meat completely why not try plant protein in the form of protein powder. PhD’s Protein Superfood supplies over 14g of protein per 25g serving, extracted exclusively from  plant sources, with super healthy greens and wholefood powders like sweet potato and pumpkin providing clean and nutritious carbohydrates and fibre



Wearable fitness tech

The wearable fitness tech trend is here to stay with the market sales expecting to top $4 billion in 2017 .Many studios are picking up on the fact that there clients desire good world class workouts with metrics. Here at TRIB3 we offer My Zone to all of our clients so they can see how hard they smashing there workouts !

my zone


A good nights sleep is incredibly important for overall health , it is just as important as healthy eating and exercising. Poor weight is linked to weight gain as the effects of loss of sleep mean you are less motivated and your hormones are not balanced. Bottom Line: Poor sleep affects hormones that regulate appetite. Those who get adequate sleep tend to eat fewer calories than those who don’t.  Make 2017 the year to sleep !


Activewear is here to stay 

In 2016 Mark Parker the CEO of Nike stated at the Women’s Innovation summit in New York City that ” leggings are the new denim”  Which in sunny  LA that was very much true, it took a while to catch on in the UK but the trend has very much took hold.

Last year saw the increase of active wear being available everywhere even in our high street stores , even supermarkets have jumped on board ! Its really refreshing to be able to purchase good quality active wear at an reasonable price.

’Recently released sales figures stated we spent £4.5bn on activewear in the UK, according to the consumer market research group NPD – an increase of six per cent on 2013. Running shoes were the most popular buy, accounting for £44m. And according to Mintel, roughly half of those buying sportswear have no intention of using them for actual sports.”

Currently the healthy – living industry is now worth $3.4 trillion globally which is absolutely staggering.

Go on ladies say no to un comfy skinny jeans and treat yourself to a pair of leggings….after all its fashion !

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The Scandinavian approach

2016 saw the trend of Hygge but 2017 will see more of a Scandinavian approach to living. More people will be seeking for a more work life balance . Expect more flexibility to work out within office hours or the set up of a office running club.

HIIT Training

High Intensity interval training is here to stay . By burning large amounts of calories in a short time frame it is a firm favourite especially with people  who are short on time which nowadays is a large percentage of us !


Exercise is medicine

Healthy food and exercise are true medicine . The benefits go much further than how you look physically – Boosting mood levels to reducing the risk of heart disease ! If you are feeling blue why not text a friend and organise a workout …the social interaction and the endorphins will make you feel much better.

Did you know that 30 mins of exercise 5 days per week increases your life span by 3.4 years ?! 


Ugly vegetables & fruits 

Year after year tons and tons of fruit and vegetables are thrown away purely because of the way they look ( a carrot is a carrot at the end of the day ! ) Last year saw the first supermarket ASDA sell ugly fruit and veg … the ” wonky vegetable ” box contains enough fruit and veg to feed a family of four for an entire weeks and costs just £3.50 – Incredible and so cheap just because they don’t look perfect … i feel this could be one of the biggest trends for 2017 !


Bowls as meals 

It all started with the Acai bowl , not only do they look great but they are packed with everything which is good for you! Now these super bowls have turned savoury … packed with brown rice , noodles , veggies , seeds, grains and proteins. Easy to make at home but will also become popular in supermarkets to !


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